The Inspection

The Inspection

The Home Inspection

Our Connecticut & Massachusetts Home Inspection is an objective one with only your best interest at heart. Our job is not to help sell the property your want to purchase. I am there working for you to identify the conditions of the building and componets, produce a written report so you can make the right decision. You are our client and no one else. We encourage you to follow us around during the inspection and ask as many questions as you like. After the inspection, we make ourselves available, at no additional cost, to consult and answer your questions about the inspection & report: in person, by phone or by e-mail.

As every house is different in size and scope, we do not limit the inspection to a defined amount of time. The average inspection lasts anywhere from 3 to 4 ½ hours. However, the inspection is not over until we feel we have conducted a complete, competent and thorough inspection.

Prior to the start of the home inspection you will receive three documents.The State of Connecticut Home Inspection: (1) Disclosure to the Consumer, (2) Standards of Practice, and (3) Code of Ethics (Pages 1-4 of the State of Connecticut Home Inspector Regulations, dated August 2002). You will also be asked to read, date and sign our Pre-Inspection Agreement which will inform you of what is inspected during the general inspection along with specifying items that are not inspected. (i.e. Environmentals, Radon, Mold, Indoor Air Quality, Termite, Pools & Spas, Security Systems, Underground Sprinkler Systems, Underground Storage Tanks, etc.)

At the inspection we need to hand deliver the above stated documents and have you sign our Pre-Inspection Agreement. If your presence is not possible, prior arrangements will have to be made.

Any additional services contracted for, such as Environmental Phase I, Radon in air & water, Well Water analysis, Termite (pest & insect inspection), Septic systems inspection, Mold sampling, etc., will be conducted under additional Addendums or seperate agreements and reports.

Our inspection is a visual inspection which includes operating everyday normal devices and inspecting readily accessible areas. Our report is a detailed written report (type written), along with an average of 50 to100 color photos, based on the conditions observed at the time of the inspection. The report will describe the type of construction techniques, systems and components present; their condition, estimated age, any defects observed; and any recommendation for further evaluation, repair or replacement.

The general Home Inspection consists of inspecting and reporting on:
Basic Structure & Supports
Heating System
Electrical System
Plumbing System
Air Conditioning
Basement/Crawl Spaces
Interior: floors, walls, ceilings
Doors & Windows: inside & out
Kitchens & Baths
Laundry Rooms
Fireplaces & Woodstoves
Exterior: siding, trim, flashing
Gutters & Downspouts
Grounds & Drainage around the building
Safety Devises
Porches & Decks

The Commercial Inspection

The commercial inspection will be conducted under an Inspection Agreement. The inspection is not limited to any specific time based on the size and scope of the building. The inspection is completed when the inspector believes the inspection conducted is thorough and all readily accessible areas have been evaluated and inspected.

The report will be computer generated (type written) with digital photography included. As every building is different and the scope of an inspection may vary from one to another, the size of the report is based on the information gathered at the time of the inspection and any additional information which may be inserted into the report.

The general Commercial Inspection consists of:

Foundation: inside & out
Basement or Slab
Structure & Supports
Heating Systems
Plumbing System
Electrical System
Air Conditioning System
Interior: walls, ceilings & floors
Attic area
Windows & Doors: inside & out
Kitchen & Bath Facilities
Grounds & Drainage
Safety Devices
Porch & Entry Areas
Parking (limited parameters)
Gutters, Downspouts & other forms of Roof Drainage


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