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The decision is yours, we help you make it! We are working for no one else but you!

When you hire B. Sure, you get Bernie - the only home inspector for your needs.

Connecticut Licensed Home Inspector - Licensed, Certified & Professional at your Service Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection Licensed Home Inspector HOI # 3

As a home inspector, my responsibilities are not to help sell the home, not to recommend that you buy or not buy the home, but to educate you on the conditions, defects and end of life components as observed at the time of the inspection to help you make an informed decision on your purchase.

For those of you who are about to purchase a home or condo, we want to assure you that our inspection services will help you make the right decision. Whether your purchase is your first home, an up-grade, vacation home, condo, investment property or your dream home, our thorough Home inspection will educate you on the condition of what you are purchasing.

A real estate purchase can be a stressful experience. When you're dealing with real estate agents, mortgage companies, sellers, lawyers and appraisers, the most important event, besides finding the right home, is finding the right home inspector! If you are looking for a licensed, experienced Connecticut Home Inspector who is competent, knowledgeable and thorough, you are at the right place!

In these hard and trying times, have your purchase thoroughly inspected to help you make the right decision. Foreclosed property, short sales and other quick sales are not an excuse to not have the property thoroughly inspected.

We are into the wood destroying insect season and they may already be in the home you plan to purchase or in the home you own now.The ants and termites are feasting on our homes. The carpenter bees are making their new homes & all the other wood destroying insects that are in love with your present or potential new home or condo are feasting. Make sure you include a Wood Destroying insect inspection on your home or the one you plan to purchase!

The air conditioning season is here. Have your system inspected and/or serviced. Winterizing your home is a year round task. Installing more insulation and weather stripping will save you $$$ during the heating and cooling seasons.

We serve the counties of:
- in Connecticut -
Hartford, Tolland, Litchfield, Middlesex, New Haven, New London, Windham, & Fairfield,

From the foundation to the roof, inside and out, and everything in between, the inspection process identifies the overall condition of the home including deficiencies, defects, and end-of-life components and systems that may need to be addressed prior to the completion of your purchase.

We offer inspections for Buyers, Sellers, Homeowners, Investors and Financial Institutions.

We also offer professional consultations and provide expert witness testimony in simple & complex cases. click on "Consulting"

Buying Foreclosed Property "AS IS"?
Make sure you get it inspected! Make sure you know it's a good investment! "AS IS" does not mean you have to purchase the property without an inspection if you make an offer and does not mean you can not negotiate major issues. Banks do not want to be home owners and they will do what it takes to get the property off their books!
Protect Yourself! - Get it Inspected!

Bernie Caliendo
is the right inspector for you!
Licensed Connecticut Home Inspector
Nationally Certified for Radon Measurement
Nationally Certified for Mold Screening - EAA

Have your home tested!
Radon is in Your Home! Radon is in every home!
Just how much is there is what you need to be
concerned with , it's your family's health!
Radon exposure is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer
Call us today!

Rental or Leased Property Inspections
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Saving the environment is the responsibility of all of us.
Think Green,Build Green,Buy Green,Construct Green,
CleanGreen,Live Green!
It's Our Planet - Lets Save It!

B. Sure conducts single family, multi-family, dual use and light commercial inspections.

The qualifications of a home inspector does make a difference! We are licensed by the State of Connecticut. As licensing may not make an inspector the best qualified, holding a license assures the client that the CT Home inspector is complying with the laws of the State. However, it is the additional certification credentials and continuing education acquired that make the inspector most knowledgeable & competent to conduct a thorough Connecticut Home Inspection for you. That inspector is Bernie Caliendo!

Done right the first time!

Bernie holds national certifications in many fields which required intensive onsite training & examinations to obtain these designations along with comprehensive continuing education to maintain them. These extensive qualifications help us perform the best, complete & comprehensive inspection for you. Whether it is the performance of the general home inspection or additional services including environmental testing and analysis, rest assured, you are receiving results that have followed the proper Protocols, Standards of Practice and maintain proper Ethics.

Bernie Caliendo is Nationally Certified to test for radon in air & radon in water in residential, commercial properties and CT public schools.
Radon Measurement Specialist. Knowing it's done right the first time will give you peace of mind should a mitigation system need to be installed. (we don't install systems, we only test for radon levels)
Call us today to have your home tested by a certified professional measurement specialist following the EPA Protocols.
Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer second only to smoking.
You don't need to be selling your home to have radon levels analyzed.
Should a mitigation system need to be installed, we can provide an independent post installation radon test to confirm your installed system is solving the high levels detected during the initial test. Click here

Concerns about Radon from Granite Countertops? Click here

Professionally "Certified" Indoor Air Quality & Mold Screening Services.

Licensed Supervisor for CT Home Inspector Interns

Board Member of WinTV

Board Member of the Windsor Historical Society

Former member of the Exchange Club of Windsor
President- 2013 -2015

Pre-listing Inspections for Sellers
Save time, money & negotiating!

Platinum Member of The Inspector Platinum Group, LTD - IPG

Connecticut Association of Home Inspectors - CAHI

Protect your Home from flooding due to plumbing leaks
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Past President of CT Association of Home Inspectors (CAHI)

Managing Member of The Inspector Platinum Group. LTD,LLC

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